Daniel Quinn

Classical guitarist Daniel Quinn has performed for forty years in concerts around the United States, Canada, and Japan. Daniel has also been an instructor of guitar for over thirty years at colleges such as ¬†Indiana University – Bloomington (now known as the Jacobs School of Music), Huntington College, University of St. Francis, University of Indianapolis, and the Tokyo College of Music. He currently teaches at St. Mary’s College and Holy Cross College in Notre Dame Indiana, and Indiana University South Bend, also for Sweetwater Academy and from his home studio in Fort Wayne, Indiana (USA). Daniel completed his doctoral degree in Guitar Performance and Literature at the Indiana University school of Music in 2003.

Daniel has been active in creating new ensembles in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Including groups like the Fort Wayne Guitar Quartet, The Indiana Guitar Trio with Guido Sanchez-Portuguez and Nemanja Ostojic, Duos with John Alvarado, and other talented guitarists in the area. Daniel has also performed with vocalist Mark Stachofsky, pianists Aki Wada and grammy winning pianist Angelin Chang, violinist Hiromi Ito and grammy winning violinist Emi Tanabe, Cellist Hikaru Tamaki, Koto player Yoko Reikano Kimura, and Harpist Heaven Fan.