Classical Guitar lessons are available at my home studio in Fort Wayne, Indiana, or at the Sweetwater academy. Please check with me for available times and rates.  I do travel to South Bend weekly. I would be happy teach you at your home.  Please inquire for those rates. I will wear a mask at your request.

I teach Classical guitar. Classical guitar is classical music played on a nylon string guitar with finger nails. Please listen to some classical guitar so you know what it sounds like and see how the instrument is played. You will progress faster if you know what you want to sound like first. You need to have a nylon string classical guitar to study with me. Classical guitar is played sitting down. I suggest you purchase a foot stool and have a good chair that you can use for practice.

For the beginner; you will get a complete education in note reading from standard notation. I will choose works for you that will help you create your technique. My method will give you a very well rounded technical proficiency that will allow you to play anything you want. Your lessons will be fun, and you will be able to play complete pieces of music when people ask you to play for them.

For the advanced; I will find the problems and bad habits in your playing and help you correct them. Great technique is the foundation of playing your instrument well. You will only learn this correctly from someone who actually knows how to do it. Yes, I can teach you tremolo too.

I am often asked to help students who are very skilled at electric guitar but want to learn to play classical guitar so they can audition for college. This is what I do best.

I have played many different styles of music and have a vast knowledge of the entire classical guitar repertoire. Come see me if you want the best.


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